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7 sisters productions
web design for the future
7 SISTERS PRODUCTIONS strives to excel in the elements of good Web design which are most important:
1. accessibility
If your users can't find your site, they won't be able to read your message.
2. compatibility
Without care, all of your users won't see the same message.
3. convenience
If you inconvenience your users, they won't stay to see your message.
4. efficiency
Your message won't get through if you keep your users waiting.
5. functionality
If your page doesn't work, then your users will never get your message.
6. legibility
When your users can't read your message, they won't receive it.
7. navigability
If the material on your site is well-organized and easy to access, your users will find what they need that much faster.
8. originality
Your message will come across more memorably if it is original.
9. typography
Make your message more forceful and meaningful with good typography.
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