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5. functionality

View your site under different machines, browsers, and operating systems
To make sure that the maximum number of users can view your site, look at your own site from a number of different machines (in particular, at least one different machine than it was originally engineered on), different browsers, and different operating systems.

Be aware of local file: references
If you're not careful, some HTML generating programs will make references to absolute local files (whose URLs begin with file:...), instead of using a relative URL. This can be difficult to find because if you only look at your pages on the server with the machine on which you developed your pages, the local references will work for you even though they won't work for anyone else. The best way to avoid these problems is to look at your site on the server with other machines.

Use correct spelling and grammar
It almost shouldn't have to be said, but nothing will disinterest your users and make your message less meaningful than poor use of spelling and grammar.
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