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3. convenience

Avoid subpages which pop up in new windows
Most users find this extremely annoying. If your provider requires you to advertise their service, using banners on the top or bottom of your pages is a way to do it. This isn't even a good idea when linking to other sites; the user has one browser window open in the location where they want; if they want more than one, they will already have them open.

Don't dictate configuration requirements
Don't dictate which browser your user should use, or which font they should be using, or how big a font they should be using. If certain browser features will be more helpful, then that should be indicated, but it shouldn't be a command. Never prevent (e.g., through JavaScript) your users from using your page unless they have a specific browser, unless it is absolutely necessary -- and remember that the same version of the same browser may identify itself under a different platform.

Avoid using cookies
Security-conscious users will turn off cookie support, and in general people get uncomfortable when your site requires cookies to function. It's best to find another way to accomplish your goal.

Don't force users to register with you to use your site's basic functionality
Don't require your users to register for an account of any kind when casually observing your site. Many people will not go through the trouble, or will be intimidated enough to go away.
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